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Here are a few of my Creations I created for  BTBSims, Enjoy!

Totum Redcorn

A Big Thanks to the Following CC Creators!!!

Everdaywear: EA Store-African Set, Hair-Coolsims
Formalwear: EA Store, Hair- Cazy
Sleepwear: Matersuite SP, Hair Cazy
Athleticwear: EA Store-African Set, Hair-Anubis

Skin: HDX-Klavix
Eyes: Peggy


Arisu Kobayashi

Hair: Peggy, Newsea
Eyes: Heiret
Skin: LFB_Asian
Makeup: TSR, Tifa
Jewelry: Lorandia, Peggy
Clothing: Lorandia, Lili

A Special Thanks to all the CC Creators

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Bokeem Booker

Hair: EA
Skin: Tifa
Eyes: "Oh My Eyes" by Tiffany
Clothing: TSR, Rustynail, Evie
Accessory: Lorandia

A special thanks to all the CC Creators!!!

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Cocoa Beana

A Special Thanks to all of the CC Creators!!!

Hair: Plumbob, CoolSims, RoseSims
Skin: Tifa
Eyes: TSR
Clothing: Ibaya, Evie, TSR

Young Adult
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